Pajamas to Profits: Easy Home-Based Businesses for Extra Income

Pajamas to Profits Easy Home-Based Businesses for Extra Income
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Many folks out there are on the lookout for ways to start their own businesses, not only to earn some extra income but also to combat the ever-increasing costs of living. What’s even better is that they want to run these ventures right from the comfort of their own homes, keeping those initial costs as low as possible. So, let’s dive into some of the easiest businesses you can start from home.

Now is the perfect time to jump into the world of home-based businesses. In 2022, several companies officially embraced the concept of remote work. This move not only highlighted the growing trend of working from home but also opened up countless opportunities for budding entrepreneurs.

However, building a business from home can sometimes be a solitary, stressful, and uncertain endeavor. That’s why it’s crucial for remote founders to prioritize their mental well-being, productivity, and goals. Insider spoke to some successful remote entrepreneurs who shared their advice. They emphasized the importance of having a designated workspace to create a clear separation between work and home life. They also suggested joining virtual or in-person founder groups for support and maintaining a regular schedule to stay focused and on track.

So, let’s explore five of the easiest businesses you can start from home, along with some valuable insights from the founders themselves. These businesses not only offer great earning potential but also provide flexibility and freedom.

  1. User-generated content:

    Take advantage of the social media craze and delve into user-generated content. Lauren Mabra and Lauren Ferry, the 25-year-old co-founders of Lauren Labeled, have built a thriving social media agency specializing in user-generated content. They operate from their respective homes or local coffee shops, saving money on office space. By outsourcing content creation and handling administrative tasks digitally, they have eliminated the need for extra tools or studios. They stressed the importance of finding the right co-founder or coworker since remote entrepreneurs don’t have the luxury of bouncing ideas off colleagues in a traditional office environment.

  2. Consulting:

    Ashley Stoyanov Ojeda, running her eponymous brand, Ashley K. Stoyanov LLC, is a full-time consultant who primarily works with other small-business owners, particularly Latinas. She conducts her business from home, leveraging online courses and one-on-one video calls. After initial success with one-off consulting sessions, she expanded her services to include recurring monthly or weekly sessions with clients. Diversifying her offerings and authoring a book have helped her scale the business.

  3. Blogging:

    Tori Dunlap, the bestselling author of “Financial Feminist,” started her journey by launching a blog in 2016. Over time, her blog transformed into a comprehensive financial-advice platform known as Her First $100K. Dunlap manages her business from home, writing blog posts, creating financial resources, and engaging with her audience on social media. Blogging is an excellent way to establish credibility and build a brand that can lead to additional revenue streams and business opportunities.

  4. Freelance copywriting:

    Levi Newman, who began writing Amazon product descriptions as a side hustle in 2014, has now built a successful copywriting service. By exclusively using platforms like Fiverr, Newman has been able to sustain his business without overwhelming himself with an excessive workload. He manages all his client requests, conducts initial assessments, and delivers high-quality copy, all from his computer and phone.

  5. Digital products:

    Lisa Andrea, the founder of The Financial Cookbook, runs her financial-advice platform as a side hustle from her home. She generates income not only from her blog but also from selling digital products, such as downloadable resume templates and printable habit trackers. Similarly, Dunlap offers digital products like self-paced courses and a “job-interview package,” which has helped her amass a significant customer base.

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